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Nov 18: Sometimes Winter is Just Magical jewelimage photography

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If you live in Calgary you are definitely familiar with the saying, “If you don’t like the weather just wait five minutes”. We learned our lesson on this day! We had actually rescheduled our photo session earlier in the day because it was nothing but rain and sleet. Definitely not something you want to stand outside in. Then, the most magical think happened… as it often does in Calgary. The snow started to fall in the most beautiful way. We quickly called each other and jumped in the car! Then… this happened.

It was so great to spend time with these beautiful girls. I was lucky enough to be there when this gorgeous little girl was born. She is such a beautiful and loveable baby… I can’t get enough of her.


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Oct 29: One of the coolest families on the block! jewelimage photography

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One of the things I love most about my job is getting to meet new people and reconnect with old friends. I have known this beautiful mom for over 20 years. It was such a pleasure to spend time with her and her awesome family!

They are moving pretty soon and wanted to remember and document this fun space where they have grown up. A place where their kids could run free, explore, create and play! Unfortunately this area has been designated for construction and the big trucks showed up just days after we enjoyed this time together. We had a similar space just down the road from where we live and I know how grateful I am to have made the time to photograph my kids in that precious area.

Each of the children were able to show me the areas that meant the most to them. I loved that they each had their own thing and we were able to make the time to photograph them in that special place.

Please!! Make the time to photograph the things that are most important to you. You will never regret preserving memories.

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Oct 16: Happy Birthday to an Amazing Boy!! jewelimage photography

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Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different. – C.S. Lewis

This is exactly how I feel about kids. It’s like all of a sudden one day they are all grown up and you don’t know where the time went.

How is it that this little guy is 4 years old already? Wasn’t I just at his birth? I remember looking at him for the first time and seeing his sweet little face with his signature dimples. What a lucky boy to get his dad’s dimples!

Seeing the relationship between siblings is always so special. Wallace sure loves his big sister “Me-Me”.

Capturing moments like these are what I live for!


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